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Follow these 10 workplace security tips to secure your office from internal and external threats and you could save on huge losses.

1. Get a Verified Alarm System.

Install a verified security alarm system to ensure quick response times from security companies to catch criminals in the act. The latest Security Alarm system technology provides restricted access to a building’s alarm system via a smart device. You will always know when and exactly where your Security Alarm system has been set off.

2. Protect Your Assets.

Protecting your staff, clients and company assets have never been a greater task than in the 21st century. Not all CCTV systems are equal – a badly installed or poorly serviced system can make all the difference in protecting or potentially losing valuable assets. The latest CCTV technology provides restricted access to a building’s alarm system via a smart device from any location. Other new technologies in the CCTV field allow for many advantages in protecting your company or business.

3. Integrated Security System.

Install an integrated security system that is unique to your office or business needs. CCTV, access control management and audio-visual systems – there are many customisable options and variations available for your needs. Find out more about our services.

4. Employee Screening Policy.

Protect your business from employee theft by implementing a hiring screening policy that includes criminal record checks and reference checks. Ask for copies of any relevant certifications or credentials.

5. Employee Access Control.

Implement an access control system with keyless entry to track and restrict who goes where and when. This will also allow you to easily disable access if an employee loses their card or no longer works for your company.

6. Employee Training.

Create and implement an in-depth training program on workplace safety and security, including how to properly lock up documents, protect passwords and secure the building. Also include your policy on employee theft and confidentiality agreements.

7. Lock-up and protect Server Room.

Restrict access to your server room to those who have not passed an in-depth security clearance by using an access control system.

You can also protect your building, important documents and information stored in server rooms, control rooms and archives from fire, with an integrated fire detection and suppression system.

8. In Case of Emergency.

To enable clear communication in emergency situations with your staff and clients, a professionally designed Audio Visual system (PA system included) is recommended. A/V systems can also enhance communications and reduce message retention throughout a company.

9. Keep board room meetings discreet and safe.

Keep leaked information and company gossip to a minimum by improving the acoustics of a board room or office with professionally installed Acoustic Panelling. Find out more.

We also offer professional Video Conferencing services to enhance your meetings, webinars and interviews.

10. Protect Your Printers.

Modern printers often store documents in their on-board memories. If a printer is stolen or hacked, access to copies of recently printed documents will be granted. Ensure your printer is in a secure location and ensure all extra copies of printed documents are placed in the locked shredding box.

If you’re interested in finding out more about workplace security for your office, retail business or company, talk to one of our technicians about ways you can improve your professional office security and productivity.

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We are committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive security solutions. For a professional security audit click here. Alternatively reach out to Jacques, CEO, onĀ  +264 81 128 2819 or call our offices on +264 61 244 659 / 645.